Stark Feldspar

Supernatural White Bright Melting Power.

Potassium feldspar

High Melting Power

Benefits of Supernatural White Bright Melting Power.

  •  It will help you Reduces the use of Titanium Oxide as a whitening Agent in Ceramics.
  • Lowers your Product Costing Significantly through better melting at Low Temperature.-
  • Impurity Free plus Low Iron content is best for your ceramic chemistry.

Super Stark White

After Firing Whiteness

Glaze Your Ceramic Products Brighter than Ever Before.

Precise Particle Size

In-house Manufacturing gives you power to select sizes you prefer.

Feldspar Collection

Stark White

Potash Feldspar with High Brightness and High Flux will help you to reduce the use of TiO2 Whitening Agent for Ceramics.

Pastel Pink

Potassium Feldspar for High Melting with Best Value for Money is Guaranteed! Flux that Melts Fast, White & Bright.

High Strength

Sodium Feldspar with High Strength is supported by High Percentage of Alumina Content helps you Whiten your product.

High Melt

Soda Feldspar with High Soda Alkalinity melts smooth and evenly bind with your product. Outputs low vicious Off-White color.


Low Temperature

Reduces kiln cycle time by lowering down the melting temperature to 50 Minutes cycle.

High Melting

Even shrinkage of 10-11% in potash feldspar brings you proper melting and binding with the body and glaze.

Impurity Free

Having a quality material with almost nil impurity makes it best for ceramic tiles without any variation in chemical or physical attributes.

Lab Reports

Each batch of our raw material goes to the lab testing unit at Stark to ensure the best material is delivered to you every time.

Export Packaging

We provide good quality packaging to help avoid accidental damages while handling cargo.

Size Variety

In-house manufacturing allows you to get the sizes you need, from grits to powder ranging from mm to mesh sizes.

Alkalinity Grade

Variety of feldspar alkalinity available for you to choose. Potash Feldspar: A Grade 10+ K2O B grade: 8+ K2O, C grade: 6+ K2O.

White Result

High whiteness results after firing at 1200 Celcius reducing the usage of a costly whitening agent like Titanium Dioxide TiO2

Available Sizes


10 mm - 300 mm


0 mm - 10 mm


80, 100, 200, 300 Mesh

Benefits of Stark Mineral's Feldspar​


Stark Member Benefits:
✅ Vertical Integration allowing us to have full control over every product.
✅ Advance Material Sorting Team for Better Raw Materials grading.
✅ High Tech Machinery for better results.
✅ Processing and Manufacturing of CHIPs, GRITs, GRAINs, Powder.
✅ All Varieties of Feldspar, Quartz, and Mica available.
✅ 5 Different Selected Mines Spread across India.

✅ High-Grade Material Stock in Bulk near Ports for Faster Shipping.

✅ Mail support for our customer on support[at]

Stark Elite Member Benefits

Stark Elite Members Benefits (Coming Soon):
😎 All Stark Member Benefits included.
🏪 Clients get a free E-Store Page showcasing their Products.
📚 Online Learning platform for Global Industry Leaders.
🧠 Artificial Intelligence Portal for Design Inspiration.
🚚 Product Shipment Tracking on E-store portal.
🗄 Raw Material Management Information Dashboard Control Software.

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