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Firing Stark’s Sodium & Potassium FELDSPAR Above 1200 Celsius 🔥

Firing feldspar at 1200 degrees Celsius is within a more common range for ceramics and glass production. At this temperature, several important changes occur:

1. Partial Melting: Feldspar begins to soften and undergo partial melting at temperatures around 1200 degrees Celsius. This melting can act as a flux, helping other minerals in the ceramic or glass mixture to fuse together.

2. Vitrification: The firing process at 1200 degrees Celsius can lead to vitrification, where the material becomes more glass-like. Vitrification involves the transformation of the material into a dense, non-crystalline structure, improving its strength and impermeability.

3. Crystal Formation: Depending on the specific type of feldspar and the overall composition of the material, crystal formation may occur. Some feldspar compositions may exhibit crystalline structures as they cool from the firing temperature.

4. Chemical Reactions: Chemical reactions between the feldspar and other components in the ceramic or glass mixture may take place, influencing the final properties of the fired material.

5. At 1200 degrees Celsius, these processes contribute to the overall transformation of the raw materials into a more solid and durable ceramic or glass product. The specific effects will still depend on the composition of the feldspar, as well as the composition of the entire material and the firing conditions.

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Stark Group is a Mining company located in India with Multiple Locations.

Our main products include:

 – Feldspar (K-feldspar, Na-feldspar)

 – Quartz (Snow, Super, Semi, Glossy, Low E.C.)

 – Mica (Brown Muscovite Ruby Mica)

Stark Production Units:

– Stark Mineral, Rajasthan

– Stark Mining and Minerals, Rajasthan

 – Stark Mines, Rajasthan

 – Neelkanth Mines, Rajasthan

 – PVR Metals and Minerals, Andhra Pradesh.

 – Stark Microns, Gujarat.

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