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Potassium Feldspar – High Whiteness after firing – Shines like glass!

Product info: starkmineral.com/products/feldspar

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Potassium Feldspar! 🌋 In this video, we delve deep into the getting best Potassium Feldspar at the best price directly from the renowned Stark Mineral Group. Unlock the mysteries, discover insider tips, and explore the journey through Direct Mines.

Our Products included:

– Quartz

– Feldspar

– Mica

Feldspar has two types

– sodium feldspar

– potassium feldspar

In this topic we will see more on potash feldspar and its range.

– Currently, we have 2 type of potash feldspar – for tiles body and another is used for glaze application which is top most layer of tiles.

Generally for Body application k2o content within 6-8 is preferred by most ceramic tiles manufacturing company and above 8% goes for glazing applications

Why do you need to use feldspar?

Using feldspar in ceramic tiles serves several purposes, contributing to the overall quality and characteristics of the final product. Here are some reasons why feldspar is commonly used in ceramic tiles, presented in bullet points:

1. Melting Point and Fusion:

Feldspar has a high melting point, aiding in the fusion of other raw materials during the firing process.

2. Fluxing Agent:

It acts as a flux, helping to lower the melting temperature of the ceramic materials and promoting the vitrification of the tile.

3. Glass Forming:

Feldspar is a glass-forming mineral, enhancing the development of a smooth and durable surface on the ceramic tiles.

4. Alumina Source:

It provides a source of alumina, contributing to the strength and hardness of the finished ceramic product.

5. Thermal Stability:

Feldspar improves the thermal stability of the ceramic, reducing the risk of thermal shock and enhancing resistance to temperature variations.

6. Color Enhancement:

Certain types of feldspar can contribute to the color and aesthetics of the ceramic tile, offering options for different shades and appearances.

7. Reduction of Crazing:

Feldspar can help minimize crazing, which refers to the fine cracks that can appear on the surface of the ceramic tiles after firing.

8. Control of Shrinkage:

It aids in controlling the shrinkage of the ceramic during the drying and firing processes, ensuring dimensional stability.

9. Compatibility with Other Raw Materials:

Feldspar is often compatible with other common ceramic raw materials, facilitating the production process and ensuring a consistent quality of tiles.

10. Cost-Effectiveness:

In many cases, feldspar is a cost-effective raw material option for ceramic tiles, providing desirable properties without significantly increasing production costs.

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Stark Group is a Mining company located in India with Multiple Locations.

Our main products include:

 – Feldspar (K-feldspar, Na-feldspar)

 – Quartz (Snow, Super, Semi, Glossy, Low E.C.)

 – Mica (Brown Muscovite Ruby Mica)

Stark Production Units:

– Stark Mineral, Rajasthan

– Stark Mining and Minerals, Rajasthan

 – Stark Mines, Rajasthan

 – Neelkanth Mines, Rajasthan

 – PVR Metals and Minerals, Andhra Pradesh.

 – Stark Microns, Gujarat.

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